" Only " McLaren F1

McLaren " Only " is printed on natural white matte fine art paper (180gsm).


Limited copies available. 

ONLY: 240.1 mph (386.4 km/hr)

ONLY: 3.2 sec. from 0 to 60 mph

ONLY: V12, 6.1L and 618 hp

ONLY: Carbon fiber, titanium and gold

ONLY: 6 pieces of titanium to make the throttle pedal. 

ONLY: 106 units were made.

ONLY: 3 seats

ONLY: 6-speed manual

ONLY: 1138 kg

ONLY: 10-disc CD in a Kenwood stereo system

ONLY: 3,000 hours making carbon fiber chassis

ONLY: The most advanced braking system

ONLY: The world's fastest production car from 1992 until 2005

ONLY: One of the most expensive cars in the world


ONLY: - F1 -




Format: Portrait


Available Sizes: 

21 x 30 cm  | (8¼ x 11¾ inch)

30 x 40 cm | (11¾  x 15¾ inch)

40 x 50cm  | (15¾ x 19⅝ inch)

50 x 70cm  | (19⅝ x 27½ inch)

61 x 91cm   | (24 x 36 inch)


Need a custom size? message me for any size you require.


  • Frame not included.
  • Colours may vary from screen to print.
  • Delivered in a protective tube.

" Only " McLaren F1

  • Part of the "Automotive Feelings" project.


    This project is to locates car aesthetics and their associated feelings within a broader relational setting that includes both human bodies and car bodies, and the relations between them and the spaces.


    We as people often give or vehicles names, baby them, and treat them like they do. As we know automotive world has social, material and above all affective dimensions. Car selection is never simply about rational economic choices, but is as much about aesthetic, emotional and sensory responses to human character, driving experience or social status. Everyday car cultures are implicated in a deep context of relations between people and machines in which emotions and the senses play a key part.

    It's time to examine how our cars would look like if they had feelings and would decided to show them.