Salaff C2 coach-built supercar.

Designer Carlos Salaff, founder of SALAFF and creator of the C2, debuts a collection of photographs titled, ‘C2 at Popsicle Studio,’ in collaboration with photographer Benedict Redgrove and INK.

Seen through the lens of Redgrove’s clean, sophisticated aesthetic, the C2’s striking blend of fluid surfaces and sharp edges are captured in vivid detail. The images portray an elevated and refined vision of the C2 – the fullest expression of Salaff’s artistic intention. The photo series is the first creative collaboration between Salaff, Redgrove and INK, a London-based creative production studio. 

“Benedict has a spectacular way of capturing the essence of an object – whether it’s a NASA spacecraft or iconic architecture. He has an uncanny ability of extracting the power of shapes,” says Salaff. “It was a dream of mine to collaborate with him. When he expressed interest in shooting the C2 I was thrilled and what INK did with the final product is mind blowing.”

The SALAFF C2, which made its world debut at the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, was the singular vision of Salaff after exiting a prominent design career to build the C2 from the ground up. “I felt that even the most advanced supercars were becoming too sterile and computerised. I sought to create an alternate reality for drivers, in which vintage controls like a gated shifter and naturally aspirated V10 engine are combined with a form language that pushes the boundaries of design.” 

Redgrove, whose upcoming photo book, NASA // Past and Present Dreams of the Future, has developed an intricate creative process with INK which includes stripping away the superfluous until just the essentials are left. He says of the C2 project, “We created a spacious environment in which to show off the C2 that was clean and simple, and with a purity of materials.”

“The C2 wasn’t like anything I had seen before,” says Redgrove. “I realised early on that Carlos shared my beliefs on futurism with a nod to the past. This really was the most fulfilling of projects to work on together.”

Images © Benedict Redgrove / Salaff Design / INK