Citroën unlike anything seen before

This highly original Citroën CX Fourgon Grand Volume was manufactured at Tissier in 1982 at the request of an agricultural material company. They wanted to use it as a mobile advertising and demonstration vehicle for some of their products. The car features double vertical exhausts recessed into the bodywork, just like an American truck. The rear cabin has a lot of unique elements, from the shape of its windows to the presence of a roof rack linked by two roller blinds, or more so with its original rectangular box coming out of the recess and overhanging the bonnet. The latter had to accommodate ULM wings which enabled demonstrations for aerial spreading of fertiliser. This vehicle was eventually sold during the company's bankruptcy in 1992 and shortly after, the roof rack was removed and the bodywork repainted in its current colour. The layout of the cabin at the back was also redesigned to make it a motorhome.

Artcurial will be offering this 1982 Citroën CX Fourgon Grand Volume by Tissier at their upcoming Automobiles sur les Champs sale held on the 27th October. For more information on this and other vehicles at the sale, click on the link below. Photos © Courtesy of Artcurial.

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