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10 year anniversary of the V10 engine in the R8

To celebrate Audi’s 10 year anniversary of the V10 engine in the R8, they commissioned artist Fabian Oefner to build their slowest piece of art.

This piece forms part of the ‘Disintegrating’ series, which we’ve featured in the past, by Fabian Oefner. ‘Disintegrating’ is a suite of images of high performance cars that appear to have blown apart. The series explores essential questions about the relationship of time and reality, ultimately creating a visually rich rendition of a moment that never existed. The finished image represents a staggering amount of work, created from hundreds if not thousands of shots.

As you can see from this short film, the R8 was completely dismantled, from the body shell to the smallest screws, then photographed piece by piece in a specific position to obtain the illusion of an exploding car.

The final image is available as a poster from Audi USA. Click on the link below for more details. 

Photo: © Fabian Oefner / Audi USA


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