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Welcome to the virtual gallery, the new magical dimension where anything is possible and where cars have feelings too.

Berbant is a contemporary artist born and raised in Warsaw and now residing in London. Berbant focuses on capturing the detailed emotions of human behavior through a compelling series of mixed media car portraits.

As we know automotive world has social, material and above all affective dimensions. Car selection is never simply about rational economic choices, but is as much about aesthetic, emotional and sensory responses to human character, driving experience or social status. Everyday car cultures are implicated in a deep context of relations between people and machines in which emotions and the senses play a key part.

Berbant art works are animated versions of the iconic cars. Each ERC721 token. Each NFT is bought with a starting price of 0.5 Ethereum, and then can be sold on the secondary market.

Plan of works:
1st Milestone: 25 Art Works — Completed
2nd Milestone: 100 Art Works — On Going
3rd Milestone: 1000 Art Works — To Follow

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